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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Nabisco workers on strike in Portland, Oregon

I am part of the Faith Labor Committee of Portland Jobs with Justice, and we support the workers at Nabisco who are on strike.  Having worked mandatory overtime and in difficult conditions throughout the pandemic, these union workers are being asked to sacrifice even more by giving up overtime pay, pensions, and more!  Meanwhile, parent company Mondelez International recorded more than $3.5 billion in profits in 2020, paying the CEO $17 million.  We say "no" to corporate greed and "yes" to worker rights!  I was honored to give this prayer at the picket line rally on August 28, 2021.


Prayer for the Striking Workers at Nabisco in Portland, Oregon 

By the Rev. Connie Yost 

Jobs with Justice Faith Labor Committee

We gather today near the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers on land worked and loved by many native tribes in the past.  We honor the reclaiming of an important native site not too far from here, called Neerchokikoo [near-cho-kee-koo] by the Native American Youth & Family Center. 

May our words, actions and hearts join together today in solidarity also with the native community on whose sacred land we stand.

Let us pray.

We gather today in the spirit of life, love and solidarity with the Nabisco workers who so courageously are striking for their human rights.  Let each one of us in our own way, within our own faith tradition or no faith tradition at all, affirm the inherent worth and dignity of each of them.   

The workers before us work hard for too little; they see their strong work ethic being exploited by mandatory overtime, their family time taken away, and themselves used callously, as machines, not people. 

We affirm the dignity of these workers, who deserve time off to care for and enjoy their own families and friends.  We abhor the exploitive policies of Nabisco that asks workers to make concessions while the company posts record profits.  We say “no” to the greed that asks many to sacrifice for the benefit of a few.

Let us each call on our own source of strength so we can find it in our heart to stand with these workers even when the going gets tough.

Workers, may you know that are hearts are open to you in love, justice and hospitality.  May the strike soon bear fruit and your dignity be affirmed. 

This we pray, in the spirit of life, love and solidarity. 



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